Light blue & black asymmetrical snakeskin skirt with ruffled tulle bottom. Age 12.

I made this Asian-inspired crop top and matching shorts when I was 14.

My Anti-Bullying shirt. This shirt is very meaningful to me, I sell it on this website and 100% of the proceeds go to the National Bullying Prevention Center (, age 13.

My friend Diana commissioned this lace shirt from me when I was 13. This is one of my favorite garments I've made.

Rosebud vest with zipper, age 13.

This was my Halloween costume when I was 14. I used Fruit Loops & was a 'Cereal Killer'. I won 'Best Homemade Costume' across all four grades at my high school. 

I made this shirt when I was 10.

party dRESSES

My 7th grade graduation dress. There are not many  colors that I like mixed with red, so I chose a greyish-silver polka dot fabric. Age 13.

I made this purse to take to my cotillion ball when I was 11.

I made this boho skirt out of a pair of my Nana's old jeans, age 13.

Vivienne Westwood inspired Coachella  head-piece, 12 years old.

I made this purse out of paper maps. It has a flower & fringe at the edge & opens in the middle. Age 13.

"Vegan" snakeskin cocktail pants. Fabric is shiny black.  I love the fabric but didn't want to make the expected skinny pant or legging so I aimed for something more dressy & sophisticated. I made these when I was 13.

Jackets & Vests

Modern Preppy

I made this African-print dress when I was 13 for a project at fashion camp.

blouses & shirts

I made this sundress for my sister Morgan when I was 9.

Terry cloth beach cover-up, age 9.

I made this dress when I was 9.

I made this dress for my friend Sulmi's Bat Mitzvah when I was 12.

Fold-over clutch, matches ruffled hymned skirt above. I was 12 when I made this.

Boho head-piece, 11 years old.


Ruffled hem skirt with matching clutch, age 12.



I used dark denim & made shorts then bleached a pattern on them & frayed the edges. Age 11.

I made this fringed tee shirt & hand painted the design, age 9.

I made this extremely soft cover-up with matching bag for sunglasses & sunscreen when I was 9.

A Maleficent inspired dress that has two side trains & a Chanel Camellia. I made the crow & horns too.  Age 12.

My 6th grade graduation dress. Our school colors are blue & green, so I wanted to create a festive dress. This fabric has a tiny shimmery gold stripe in between the colors. I was 12 years old.

This dress has a cute sparkly gold band across the top, age 11.

My 4th grade graduation dress (age 10), my sister wore it a few years later to her 4th grade graduation as well. That year, 3 girls wore my designs to our graduation and I am still wearing this dress 3 years later!

My Grandmother bought me this fabric in Peru & I made this bat-winged shirt when I was 11.

I was Coco Chanel for Halloween in 5th grade (age 10), later I wore the tweed jacket to a fashion lecture at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show.

This dress with matching clutch was my first 'wearable' design, I made this for my 3rd grade graduation when I was 9 years old.

beach bound



Tribal & Island


My early designs



Copyright Chandler Moseley Fashion. All rights reserved. 

Fine & Funky

I made this dress the night before my friends Sydney's Bat Mitzvah, age 13.


I made this blue sparkle dress to wear on my 8th grade graduation boat cruise when I was 14.

street style

Age 10

I made this black & white striped tank top when I was 14.

Faux fur long vest, age 13.

I made this dress one day when I was at summer camp. Although it was a sports & activities camp, they had  a sewing machine & this fabric . Age 12.

I made this dress when I was 9.

Age 11

I made this dress for my sister Morgan when I was 11.

I made this dress for my uncle Spencer's wedding when I was 11.

I made this shirt when I was 10.

I made these shorts when I was 10.

Skirt with pink lace ruffle, age 10.

Pink vegan crocodile clutch with orange lining, age 14.

Light & flowy 'car-wash' skirt. I sewed each strip individually and then sewed it to the skirt. The dots are silver and the underskirt is metallic grey, age 13.

I  made this dress when I was 12. I love the aqua mesh back.

I dressed up as the sun for Halloween when I was 12.

I made these perforated high-waisted shorts when I was 12.

Purple and gold splattered skirt, age 12.

This was my 5th grade graduation dress, which I made from fabric that my Grandmother bought me from Peru, age 11.

I made this dress with my art partner Julianna for an art project at school using burnt matches. The assignment was to make a wearable piece of art with a message. Our message was to help prevent 'Irresponsible Fires'. Age 14. 

Age 10

DIY & Up-cycling

Green & metalic-gold sleeveless dress with white collar, age 14.

I made this shirt when I was 11. It had  matching shorts but I lost them.

My 8th grade graduation dress, I used bridal silk & lace & the belt has a touch of shimmery silver in it. Age 14. 

I made this tank top when I was 13. The straps were made by sewing black thread back & forth numerous times.