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My Aunt malia has

inspired me

My aunt Malia has amazing style and is always mixing it up. I love the way she wears an edgy Dolce & Gabbana gown one minute and a soft Monique Lhuillier the next. She has an incredible way of mixing vintage pieces into many of her looks as well. Her everyday style is subtle, understated and very pulled together. She always pairs some cool shoes with jeans, a flowy tee shirt and great sunglasses and either has her hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun. She always looks incredibly chic in whatever she wears. She makes everything seem carefree and effortless. She rarely wears any makeup either, which has taught me that less is more when it comes to fashion and make-up.

My Grandmother has

inspired me

My Grammie's tailored suits and preppy country club casual style has inspired me. She has an enormous handbag collection and has taught me to always take the time to change your handbag to match your outfit. Sometimes she will surprise with a bright colored Kate Spade bag. My Grammie has trained me to be a shopaholic and have a strong magnetic force towards handbags.

My Nana has

inspired me

My Nana has inspired me by wearing her Armani suits, Missoni sweater sets and custom Lily Samii couture gowns. I also adore her Chanel shoe collection. She is always pulling out some gorgeous vintage island parios that she wore while raising her three sons in the Caribbean.  The bright colors have influenced many of the clothes that I design. Look out Nana, my shoe size is catching up to yours quickly!

My mom has

inspired me

My mom has always been beautiful. She is the most fashionable person ever. Her taste puts others to shame. She is AMAZING. She has always told me to always try my hardest, strive for excellence, and if I fail at the first try to get up off the floor and try again but harder. She is the best mom ever and is the world's best supporter. I love the dress she is wearing in this photo. It is pale yellow with the most delicate strings running down the back. She purchased it in a little botique in St. Tropez. I also love her everyday cute and casual style which consists of bold and vibrant patterns and cozy Vince sweaters. I am really into Boho Chic at the moment so I am loving her chocolate brown Hogan fringed handbag, I hope I am able to borrow this from her sometime soon!

The Main People who have

Inspired me

Coco Chanel has always been my biggest inspiration, the tweed, the pearls, but most importantly how tough her beginnings were. She had numerous siblings, her mom died when she was twelve (the same age as me). She became an orphan and was very poor. I think it is remarkable that she built an empire on pure talent and changed fashion forever. How inspiring to come from nothing and accomplish so much! The main people who have personally inspired me are my mom, my Nana and Grandmother and my aunt Malia.